NCAA Football 11 – Trophy Guide

Speed Reader (Bronze) – Score a touchdown on a QB Choice run play (excludes co-op).

– The QB choice play is usually a shotgun play where you have the option to hand the ball off or run. This is slightly different from the option play as the running back will not be trailing behind you waiting for the pitch. Usually to tell if a play is a QB choice play the formation will show the QB and RB intersecting and then running in opposite directions. To do the QB choice play wait till you get close to the goal line and instead of holding X to give the ball the RB simply pretend to hand off and run up the middle. If you score you get the trophy. Be sure to choose a good scrambling QB (Ohio State) and a bad defense (San Jose State).

Draw Me a Touchdown (Bronze) – Score a touchdown running a draw play on 3rd and 6+ yards (excludes co-op).

– Every playbook and almost every formation offers some sort of draw play. You need to simply run a draw play on a 3rd and six or longer and score a touchdown. This can be done from any point on the field and not just simply from the six yard line. Choose a team with a good running back (Alabama) and a bad defense (San Jose State).

Hero (Bronze) – Score a touchdown as time expires to win the game (excludes co-op).

– Do exactly as the trophy says score a TD while losing or tied with zero second left on the clock in the forth quarter. This is best done with 1 min quarters and playing defense first. Hold your opponent to 3 or less points in the first half. Then when you take the ball over in the second half do not score till the last play of the game. This may take a couple tries, but with the difficulty set on Freshman it shouldn’t be to rough.

Balanced Attack (Bronze) – Gain 200 rushing yards and 200 passing yards in the same game (excludes co-op and Road to Glory).

-This does not need to be with one or two players it is a combined team total. Select 15 min quarters and Freshman difficulty to make things easier. Run a balance game of passing and rushing and you should get this relatively easy.

The D Is For… (Bronze) – Hold the opposition to under 100 total yards in a Play Now or Dynasty Mode game (excludes co-op).

– This really is not all that rough. Select 1 min quarters and then hold your opponents to under 100 total yards.

Red Zone Perfection (Bronze) – Complete a Play Now or Dynasty Mode game with a Red Zone Efficiency rating of 100% (excludes co-op).

– You need to score every time you enter the red zone which is from the 20 yard line to the goal line on either side of the field. Just make sure you score and do not perform and turnover in the red zone. Best way to do this is get to the red zone once score a TD or field goal and then do not get done in the red zone again. Set the quarters length to 1 min to make things a little easier.

Red Zone Shutout (Bronze) – Complete a Play Now or Dynasty Mode game without allowing a TD from the Red Zone (excludes co-op).

– You will need to keep your opponent from scoring a TD within the red zone. They can score a field goal just no touchdown. Choose 1 min quarters to make things easier.

Lock It Up (Bronze) – With Player Lock on, return an interception for a TD (excludes co-op).

– This trophy can be difficult. You lock on to the player by selecting the player you want and then pressing L3. The camera will then position itself behind that player. What makes this difficult is when your in player lock it is hard to decipher between pass plays and rush plays. More then likely this will just be trial and error until you intercept the ball. Then you need to return it for a TD which is also kind of difficult. Keep at it and you will eventually get this.

In Your Crosshairs (Bronze) – Spotlight a receiver and get an interception on him in a Play Now or Dynasty game (excludes co-op).

– To spotlight a receiver you will need to hold L2 and then select the corresponding button above the receiver, tight end or running back. To increase odds of getting this trophy Spotlight the other teams top player on every play. You only need to intercept the pass you do not need to return it for a TD.

Veteran (Bronze) – Win a game by 35+ points on Heisman difficulty (excludes co-op).

– This is by far the most difficult trophy as the computer is very difficult on the Heisman difficulty. There is not a lot of strategy to this and will rely heavily on you skills. Pick a very good team (Alabama) and a weak opponent (San Jose State). You will need to score a lot of points so pass a lot and try and have good ball control. Will probably be best to choose 15 min quarters as that will allow you to score the most points.

Best Class Ever (Bronze) – Have the #1 ranked recruiting class in a season in single team Dynasty Mode.

– To get this trophy first go into the Russel top 100. Getting commitments from players on this list is key, since you will need to get as many 4 and 5 star players as possible. Any player that has a green dot by there name is already interested in your school and will be your easiest targets.

You will need to offer players scholarships, and this should be your main focus in the beginning as this alone will get some players to commit. After all scholarships have been offered it is now time to get to the dirty work. You will need to make calls and order convince players to come on board. Focus and spend the most time on the 4 and 5 star players. Be sure to pitch what is most important to the prospect, but do not hesitate to try and sway the prospects interests if your school is ranked with an A or A+ ranking in a particular category.

Once you’ve got a prospect interested and ready invite him for a visit. You can set up three activities so make sure these are activities that are important to your school. If he still has not signed after the visit you still can make calls in order to keep his interest. If by chance you lose a prospect then just grab another player.

You will receive this trophy at the end of the final week of the offseason if you are the number have the number 1 class.

Point Some Fingers (Bronze) – In a single phone call, take 250 points away from one school by downplaying pitches.

– Downplaying pitches is a newer feature added to NCAA. Each player has a top ten list of potential schools. When you call a player you can downplay the others schools offers an order to sway them to your school. The easiest way is to pick a big name school and go after a 2 -3 star player as they will usually have multiple schools they are interested in. Pick 6 topics to talk about and focus all of your efforts on lower ranked school. Each topic will have a rating for each school so be sure that you focus and downplay those topics. If you encounter a topic that you aren’t as good at simply pass and change topics. It also helps to focus on the topics that you are vastly superior on such as a rating of an A to a C. As long as you take your time and focus on the one school you should be able to get this rather easily.

One Hit Wonder (Bronze) – Get an instant commit from a prospect by offering a scholarship on a one topic call.

– For this trophy focus on the prospects that are already interested in your school. They will have a green dot by their name. Pick a 2 to 3 star prospects since they will be the easiest to sway. Make a 1 topic 10 minute call, then when your on the pitches screen select offer scholarship. If they except the trophy is yours. To make things even easier select a top school such as Alabama.

Switcheroo (Bronze) – Secure a commitment from a prospect that was a soft commit elsewhere.

– A soft commitment is when a player has given his word to a school, but has yet to sign there. This will be the top school on that players list. You will need to try and downplay that schools offers and order to get the prospect interested in yours. Follow the tips in the “Point Some Fingers” trophy to get this trophy.

Program Changer (Bronze) – Sign a 5-star QB or HB with a 2-star prestige school in a single team Dynasty (no ATH).

– Pick a team with a 2-star rating such as Nevada or Baylor. Select as many 5 star rated RB and QB as possible preferable ones from your schools states. Then reorder your list and focus on the most interested prospects and spend the most time with them on the calls. Each week reorder your list and focus on the top interested prospects and with persistence you will get the player and the trophy.

Setup Shop In the Big 3 (Bronze) – In a single team Dynasty, develop new pipelines in Texas, California, and Florida.

– You need to sign 5 – 10 prospects from each state in order to develop a pipeline. These can be any ranked player and does not need to be done in one year. You simply need to do this throughout the duration of your dynasty. You also can use a school that already has a pipeline in these three states, so selecting a Texas or Florida is possible, and will be easier.

What a Weekend (Silver) – Invite 5 or more recruits to a game and get all A- or better visit grades in a single user Dynasty.

– You will need to invite at least 5 recruits to your school during one week. When the recruits visit you will set up 3 activities, so  be sure the activities have a green line beside them which means the recruit is highly interested in this. At the end of the week you can view the recruits rating of the visit. If five of them rated you A- or better you will get the trophy.