No More Heroes Going to Move on the PS3

August 18, 2010Written by Kyle P.

During Konami’s gamescom press conference it was announced that No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise, the sequel to the Wii’s No More Heroes, will be getting a PlayStation Move version when the game releases early next year. This comes at a time when more and more developers are pledging support to Sony’s motion controller and actually promising added benefits of using the Move, compared to the traditional DualShock 3 controller.

Konami promised that there will be additional features that add to the gameplay and enhance the game’s atmosphere, when using the PlayStation Move. No details regarding any of these enhancements were given.

No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise follows noted hitman Travis Touchdown and his conquest to become the number one hitman in all of Santa Destroy. The PS3 version will hit retailers early next year.