Sucker Punch Brings Old Cole Back, Shocks Fans

We know, we know, we’re just as tired of the Infamous 2 electrically charged puns as you are, but this time we feel that the usage is justified. There were a lot of complaints along with mixed feelings when Sucker Punch debuted the “new and improved” Cole at E3 2010, which lead them to go back to the drawing board and reinvigorate a face that many of us are not only familiar with, but perhaps will be able to relate with a bit more.

Yes folks, that’s right. By popular demand, Sucker Punch has gone ahead and brought back the original Cole from the original Infamous, but this time Cole not only looks tougher, but really has a face that seems capable of conveying a wider range of emotions compared to the consistent stone cold look we had come to know in the original game.

While the new Cole didn’t look bad and, honestly, had a very awesome, fresh look, it was more than likely the ability for players to project themselves onto the blank canvas that was the original Cole, which drew them back to the initial Infamous 1 design. Do we believe a character can grow hair and go through changes within games? Definitely. But it really did seem like Cole’s core structure and somber personality weren’t really intact, which could have been the reason why so many fans of the series felt distant regarding what would have been the re-done character.

Either way, it’s awesome to have the old Cole back and we’ve got some great pics for your enjoyment below. Be sure to stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for all the latest Infamous 2 news as it breaks!