Gran Turismo 5 Delivers New Features to the Franchise

August 19, 2010Written by Allen Tyson

Good things come to those who wait. I  know, I  know that phrase is incredibly cliched.  I don’t think Polyphony Digital knows it though — With Gran Turismo 5 a few months away, they keep adding features to  almost like an apology for the game’s delay.

At gamescom 2010, Polyphony Digital unveiled two new modes for Gran Turismo 5: kart racing and course creation.

The power of the internet leak can be a good thing for gamers. Kazunori Yamauchi, series creator, stated that originally kart racing wasn’t going to be included until the next game in the series.  Because the feature was leaked, however, Yamauchi-san decided to include it.


A big surprise is the course creator.  This feature allows you to customize a race track with preset options such as weather, time of day, and length. You can even go as far as adjusting course width,  and the bank angles of the track. If it sounds like a full track editor…it’s not. Yamauchi-san said to include something like that:

“really requires a complete CG tool, which would limit the number of users who could use it”

Having a firm release date for the title is enough — The extra features are just icing on the cake.  Polyphony Digital… I accept your apology.