Q-Games to Debut PS3 Music Visualizer at TGS

The PlayStation Network is home to some of the most diverse and unique experiences on the current generation of gaming consoles thanks to the talented developers that develop for the digital-distribution platform. From developers like Housemarque who brought us Super Stardust HD to even monstrous developers like Insomniac and Sony Liverpool, there is truly something for everybody on the PlayStation Network. One revered developer, famous for the PixelJunk franchise of games, is making a return to the PSN to share yet another innovative and unique experience, but this time, it’s not a game.

Dubbed “PixelJunk Lifelike”, looking at evidence from last year’s Game Developer’s Conference, all signs are pointing to the next PixelJunk installment being a “visualizer for PlayStation 3”. With another confirmed collaboration with electronic musician, Baiyon (notable for his work on the PixelJunk Eden soundtrack), it is clear that music will play a vital role in whatever it is the new title is going to be. Images have been leaked from the Flickr account Q-Games president, Dylan Cuthbert, giving hints that the project seemingly has something to do with nature.

A quick look at the comments on the Flickr page hint that the new project is set to be officially showcased at this year’s upcoming Tokyo Game Show. Unfortunately, these are the only details available to us as of now and only time will tell what this next project by Q-Games will unfold into. As usual, stay connected to PlayStation LifeStyle for all the latest news on this and more in the world of PlayStation.