PlayStation Move the Number One Reason to Buy a PS3 This Fall

August 23, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

Sony’s PlayStation Move has gained notoriety since its announcement just over a year ago. While some have claimed that it’s a knockoff of other motion controller products on the market, others have witnessed its undeniable capabilities and charm. While both may very well be merited, according to a recent consumer study the PlayStation Move is the best reason to purchase a PlayStation 3 later this year.

When speaking with GameSpot, director of Hardware Marketing at SCE John Koller emphasized the fact that PlayStation Move is a core component to maintaining strong momentum for the PS3. Koller showed confidence in the value of the product and even revealed that it’s the number one reason families are looking into adopting the PS3 this year.

“It’s actually the number one reason, in our core studies, the number one reason for someone to come in and purchase a PS3 this fall.”

While many would disagree and say that the diverse library is the best reason to get a PS3, the Move is gaining a strong appeal because of the way it enhances the experience of the library. Core games such as MAG, Killzone 3, and SOCOM 4 have declared their support for the peripheral, with SOCOM being one of the most impressive implementations of motion controls that we’ve seen. The ability to play these games with either a standard controller or PlayStation Move controller coupled with the fact that Move games are aimed at an affordable price makes it a solid addition to the PlayStation family.