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Beta Invites Going Out for PS3 Exclusive Dead Nation

August 24, 2010Written by Anthony Severino

Dead Nation, the second game from Super Stardust HD developer Housemarque, is set to hit the PlayStation Network later this year. After the resounding success their first game was, it’s no surprise that Housemarque’s next game is one of the most anticipated games coming to the the PSN. If you’re one of those people patiently awaiting a chance to massacre hordes of zombies in Dead Nation, you may get your chance a lot sooner than expected.

As of last night, beta invites have begun to make their way to the email inboxes of PlayStation Networks best users. So far, it only seems to be a very small select few getting these invites. Those who do are of course tasked with putting the game through its paces, and thoroughly testing for bugs and other issues.

A release date for Dead Nation still hasn’t officially been announced, and since it was announced at 2009’s gamescom, it’s been a long time coming.

Check your inboxes now and let us know if you were lucky enough to snag one!