New PS3 Games Will Not Have a “3D Tax”

August 24, 2010Written by Corey Schwanz

With Sony’s major push toward 3D, people are beginning to worry that the new technology will incur a new premium price tag. With the prices of retail games fluctuating on a variety of factors as it is, will gamers have to pay more?

Sony doesn’t think so. Andrew House, the head of SCEE, said that the company hasn’t even considered adding a new 3D luxury cost. With the current development techniques that Sony uses to make their games into stereoscopic 3D, the development costs actually dont even rise that dramatically. So without a noticable rise in costs, there is no reason to charge consumers more for a product. House told,

“This isn’t a really significant investment and probably plays really good dividends in terms of return on investment. I’m a great believer in the brand loyalty and brand differentiation you get out of it more than pays for the investment that goes up front.”

It’s good that Sony, while sticking to a productive business strategy, is still putting their customers first. For more on PlayStation LifeStyle’s impressions about 3D gaming, check out our verdict here.