Trophies on PSP? We Don’t Think So

When trophies were introduced on the PS3 back in July of 2008, they took the PlayStation community by storm. Some users are practically addicted to them, spending an endless amount of hours racking up these virtual accomplishments. Many have been wondering if trophies would ever make their way onto Sony’s portable, but time and time again the idea was shot down. Now, a recent screengrab is causing quite a stir supposedly being evidence of trophies on the PSP…

A keen-eyed PlayStation Network user happened to notice that in a recent gamescom video, a pair of PSP’s being shown clearly display a spot on the PSP’s XMB for a “Trophy Collection”.

Despite the PSP’s showing a trophy collection on screen, don’t get your hopes up… Unfortunately it’s only the PSP accessing the PS3 via remote play. How do we know? Well we certainly don’t know for sure, but it’s quite obvious that is the PS3’s XMB being displayed on screen. Check out the PSN ticker in the upper right hand corner… from the PS3.

Sorry guys, it still doesn’t look like trophies will be coming to the PSP anytime soon.