PS3 Battles for Superiority in the Land of the Rising Sun

While the PlayStation 3 woke up to some tough love back in 2006, Sony has managed to put it in a position to come out on top. The launch of the Slim is one prime example of how Sony has managed such a task, but the market in Japan is also another. Recent sales data suggests that the PS3 is quickly becoming a juggernaut in the Land of the Rising Sun.

A compilation of sales charts tell an interesting tale for Sony’s previously under-appreciated PS3 console. According to the latest data, the PlayStation 3 is only 19,000 units behind the Wii so far this year. The full details can be seen directly below.

    Total consoles sold in Japan this year:

    1. Wii – 968,413

    2. PS3 – 949,907

    3. Xbox 360 – 145,124

    4. PS2 – 55,921

When you take into account Gran Turismo 5 and several other unreleased exclusives, it’s easy to see how the PlayStation 3 could come out on top in Japan. If Sony manages such a feat, which they should, that’ll be a huge achievement when considering the PS3’s ‘slow start’ back in 2006. With all of the momentum in the world behind the PS3 along with dozens of announced and unannounced exclusives, Sony has a bright future not only in Japan but worldwide as well.