PlayStation Move Has Plenty of Battery Life

August 30, 2010Written by Paulmichael Contreras

We live in a world of wireless gadgets. This generation of consoles saw the official launch of bundled wireless controllers, such as the SIXAXIS and later the DualShock 3. The PlayStation Move is the next wireless accessory set to launch this September, and Anton Mikhailov from Sony’s Research and Development department has assured us of the device’s battery life.

In a recent PS.Blog posting, Mr. Mikhailov demoed the technology some more but then went on to answer customer’s questions. When asked about battery life Anton had this to say:

“About 9 hours of typical usage (periodic strong rumble, motion, LED to full blast).”

So it sounds like you can get plenty of Move-based gaming in between charges. Of course, given that it utilizes Lithium-ion battery technology, you could conceivably charge it when not in use and never have to worry about a low battery. Pining for more information? Be sure to check out our extensive PlayStation Move coverage.