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God of War: Ghost of Sparta Engages Battle with Release Details

God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Ready At Dawn Studio’s follow-up to its brother PSP title Chains of Olympus, will be launching in the US on November 2nd. With tons of pre-order content already announced, it’s time to take a look at what you’ll actually be getting with your purchase

So straight off the bat, it looks like the Ghost of Sparta entertainment pack will come with a bunch of content. We now know that buyers will receive a black and red two-toned PSP, Ghost of Sparta on UMD, Chains of Olympus via a PSN download code, Kick-Ass film on UMD, and even a 2GB memory stick. As a first note, Ghost of Sparta continues with the tradition of wonderful artwork with the game’s own boxart. Secondly, that dual-colored PSP is probably the most beautiful handheld that I’ve ever seen.

If you’re in the market for a PSP right now, or even looking to upgrade to a new 3000 model, it’s hard to go wrong here. Check out the essentials below for the first look at one of the best handheld bundles in recent memory.

Sold? Pre-order God of War: Ghost of Sparta here, or pre-order the God of War: Ghost of Sparta PSP Entertainment Pack here. You can’t go wrong either way.