Wonder Woman Lays the Ice Down

Sony Online Entertainment’s (SOE) Austin studios is no doubt prepping themselves for November 2; the day when DC Universe Online (DCUO) is released. That’s not stopping them from continuing to provide us with updates and keep us hyped about the games arrival though.

SOE Austin released several new screens of Wonder Woman via their Facebook page — Including one image that gives the phrase “Let me put some ice on that” a whole new meaning.

If the in game screens weren’t enough, we’re treated to beautiful concept art by Jim Lee (one of my favorite comic book artists of all time); the game’s Executive Creative Director. Observing his artwork, and then comparing it to the in game renders, SOE Austin got it pretty darn close. Enjoy the images and artwork below.

Watching Diana in action has reminded me of one thing; I seriously need to decide on a power-base for my character — November 2nd is right around the corner.