Mafia II First Week European Sales Show PS3 Leading The Pack

Some of the first week sales results for Mafia II have been released, and it looks like Sony’s big black behemoth is continuing to drive its way up the charts across the pond.

The recent numbers out of VGChartz show the PS3 version of Mafia II in the lead with 96,112 units sold in its first week on store shelves in Europe, nearly 11,000 more than the Xbox 360, which managed to move 85,016 units. This is looking to be the case more and more, especially now that third-party developers have begun to really grasp the way the PS3’s architecture works, in addition to growing sales for the console.

The PlayStation 3 is experiencing tremendous success in Europe thus far, managing to pull roughly 200,000 units ahead of its main rival, the Xbox 360. As we’ve seen over the past year or so, sales like these are certainly playing a part in the PS3’s level of multi-platform success. Let’s just hope these numbers continue, not only for developers’ sake, but for ours as well.