2K Preparing us for a Bomb… or for a Nukem

You’ve got to give Duke credit for his tenacity. 13 years of essentially being vaporware and the developers shutting down can’t quiet the Duke Nukem Forever rumors. If this latest one is correct, however, we’ll be seeing Nukem again very soon.

Like, today soon.

There has been quite a bit of teasing going on over at the 2K Games Blog. Under the headline “Something Big is Happening at PAX” and with the tags “2K Games PAX unveiling”, the article reads…

“That’s right… Something big is going to happen at the 2K Games Booth this PAX – and we want to share it with everyone – whether or not you are at the show. We’ll be streaming the first day of PAX live from our booth and giving you exclusive access to everything we’re doing – and it’s going to be AWESOME.

“RSVP for the show now – and see you at 10 AM on Friday, September 3rd – live from PAX!”

Sources have also apparently told CVG that there will be a “grand demo” of the game shown in the 2K Booth later today.

If previous rumors are to be believed, then it has been picked up by Borderlands developer Gearbox. Looks like we’ll know for sure in a couple of hours. You can watch the live stream of the first day of 2K Games’ PAX right here.