The Last Guardian Comes Alive with Stunning Detail

The Last Guardian is one of the most anticipated exclusives currently unreleased. Announced over a year ago, the title has gained much hype through the beautiful imagery presented in the trailer along with the strong reputation of its development team.

At CEDEC 2010, Fumito Ueda from Team Ico gave a presentation regarding his upcoming game, The Last Guardian. During the presentation, Ueda outlined how integral animation and imagery is to the production of his upcoming title:

“I made the game to give life to this picture. The game concept and the rest came after that.”

Previous games from Team Ico have been some of the most beautifully rendered games seen in the last decade. Shadow of the Colossus pushed the PlayStation 2 hardware to the next level with epic battles and stunning imagery. The Last Guardian will surely be a game that’ll have the ability to capture the attention of many, and immerse those who play it.