What Did I Do to Deserve No Heroes Allowed!

In the crazy Badman franchise of What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord?! and its sequel of similar title, a new game appears out of the fog. And like a good sequel, or threequel should, it takes everything good from the first games and adds even more.

No Heroes Allowed, just announced for the PSP, continues the classic “dungeoneering” gameplay and leads you to destroy the heroes of justice. Taking control of the God of Destruction, you must work for Badman and his daughter Badmella across 33 stages to finally take over the world. Along with new monsters and a new water element to trap your unlucky foes, No Heroes Allowed! introduces a new Dungeon-A-Day mode, which gives you 100 additional daily challenges to build up your skills where you can use in the game as well as with a friend.

That’s right! In a series first, Badman and Badmella will team up together across two PSPs in Co-Op mode to take down gallant adventurers and extend their reach as far as the eye can see. Or you can frustrate your partner by messing up their part of the dungeon. Your choice.

Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for any more about this PSP gem!