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Killzone 3 Takes Us On the Move

Killzone 3 is – with its impressive graphics engine, support for 3D TV, and Move  — one of Sony’s highly anticipated titles of 2011. At PAX 2010, we got an extended sneak peek of how the game implements support for the Move controller.

Steven Ter Heide, Senior Producer for Guerrilla Games, gave IGN a walk-through of Killzone 3’s Move support. Steven talks about the control scheme, zooming, carrying multiple weapons, and how the brutal melee works with the Move controller.

“It’s very much alpha code” Steven said. “We’ve got a lot of time to polish it up and iron out the bugs.”

If you’re a Killzone 3 or a Move, the videos below are definitely worth a look – It appears Guerrilla is putting some serious thought in to how motion control show be handled in their FPS.