New Brothers in Arms Title Teased

During their PAX panel, Gearbox Software took time to talk about the next iteration in the popular Brothers in Arms series. Gearbox co-founder Brian Martel all but confirmed that a new installment is undoubtedly in development.

Brian Martel stated fans of the long-running franchise will definitely see the series make a return.

“We’re not announcing anything today, but we want to tell you guys that we really care about this franchise a lot. It’s something we created and it really means a lot to us. It’s not just a game about the combat. It’s about the soldiers in the war. We’ll deal with Baker and his men in future games for sure”

Martel gave a minor insight on what we can expect from a new Brothers in Arms:

“But we also may do some other things that maybe treat the game in some different ways and take some different directions.”

Gearbox Software’s president Randy Pitchford added:

“It was our first original IP. So we’ll be taking care of that one. We’ve got a lot of action right now, but we’re not ready quite yet to bring it out. We want to make sure we know we’ve got it right before we tell you what we’re doing.”

So that was Pitchford further confirming that a Brothers in Arms game is possibly and most likely in production. Gearbox are on a roll, aren’t they? The studio unveiled Duke Nukem Forever, on top of more goodies for Borderlands, as well as reassuring us that Aliens: Colonial Marines is still in development, and now teasing a new Brothers in Arms title. Great stuff from the studio, indeed.