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Blu-ray Association Offers Olive Branch to Xbox, Microsoft Declines

The Blu-ray Association, made up of several high-profile entertainment companies along with Sony, have extended friendly offers to Microsoft over the past year in an attempt to get the company to adopt Blu-ray, or at least consider adopting the format for their next console.

Several members of the Blu-ray association have spoken to Microsoft about the possibility of a Blu-ray capable Xbox, only to have their words fall on def ears, as the company is still, apparently, looking  for other alternatives. European BDA chairman, Graham Heaton, stated the following:

Already games such as Metal Gear Solid 4 and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves are pushing the limits of the Blu-ray 50GB discs. The infrastructure for broadband throughout the world varies greatly and is a long way from being able to support the downloading and streaming of 50GB games in a consumer friendly format.

It will be a very long time before this changes, so Blu-ray is in a ideal position to ensure that the best games are available to all gamers.

Any company willing to join would be welcome.

When asked whether or not Microsoft would, at some point, adopt Blu-ray, Heaton replied:

That is up to Microsoft to decide.

Microsoft has been nothing but vocal regarding their unwillingness to adopt the format, but perhaps as time goes on and PS3 exclusive after PS3 exclusive dominates the market due to the capacity of Blu-ray and the power of the PS3, Microsoft will reconsider. Until then, we’ll just keep on enjoying, as Kevin Butler put it, the “PS3 sugar”.