Flight Control Skips a North American Landing

Flight Control HD, the upcoming PSN Move title received a bunch of new information from developer Firemint this morning. The good news? Release dates across the world. But wait…there is some bad news as well.

The console port of the popular iOS game will actually be launching in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East on September 15th while Australia and New Zealand will receive the game one day later on the 16th. Japan will be receiving the game a little more than one month later on October 21st.

The bad news? Straight from Firemint themselves, “USA: unfortunately Flight Control will not be released in North America.” They did not go into the reasoning as to skipping the North American release, but hopefully it only has something to do with simple licensing. Until some kinks are ironed out, they can’t release the game. But unless they say something specific, we will never know why. If you really want Flight Control HD and live in the North America, I guess you can just sign up for another region’s PSN Store. If any other news comes up, PlayStation LifeStyle will let you know.

Until then, people East of the Prime Meridian can enjoy some nice gameplay footage.