Gran Turismo 5 Now Hitting Kiosks Worldwide

It’s almost strange to think that Gran Turismo 5 is almost upon us. Remarkably, it has been around five years since the game entered development, and the game’s development has been clouded by tons of release date rumors. Thankfully, the release date is indeed set in stone, but if you don’t feel like waiting then you have another option.

A Gran Turismo 5 public demo is now in the process of hitting the streets and is playable at a handful of retailers worldwide. Stores include places such as GameStop, Best Buy, Target, and more, and GTPlanet is host to a forum thread where users can provide confirmation of which retailers have kiosks setup.

If you’re interested in playing the almighty Gran Turismo 5 a few months early, head over to the retailer nearest you and see if a kiosk is setup. If you don’t feel like trying your luck, head over to GTPlanet and see which stores have already been confirmed.