Madden 2011 Celebrates the NFL Opening Weekend With Massive Roster Update

Every year, the team at EA Tiburon aims to make Madden the most realistic sports title possible. EA Sports claim to fame has always been ‘If it’s in the game, it’s in the game‘ and boy are they serious! The first official Week 1 Roster update for Madden 2011 is available for download with a total of 500 different roster updates.

After having sold a combined total of 1.8 million copies alone in the month of August across every system known to man, this roster update reflects the every day moves of the 24/7 nature of the National Football League. Here’s some of the key details.

  • Hundreds of depth chart changes have been made.
  • 17 players have been moved to the IR.
  • 232 players have been cut from their respective team.
  • Many players overall ratings have been increased, such as Adrian Foster, RB for the Houstan Texans. However, several players rating have been increased. See Kenny Britt of the Tennessee Titans for example.
  • 3 players contracts have been modified so that it ruins your franchise mode’s salary cap, suckers!
  • 1 player retired.
  • 17 player trades have occured since the game released last month and the roster update reflects every one of them.
  • 13 players have been REMOVED from depth charts due to various NFL related problems (contract holdouts, smacking skanks, problems with da’ law, etc.).

For the full list of details, visit the Official Madden Website .

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