Character Names Listed For Thongs of Virtue

Hothead Games really brought the humor into their comedic downloadable title, DeathSpank.  Part of that humor was found among the names of the various characters that the hero would stumble across while searching for “The Artifact.”  We get a little sneak peek into the slapstick comedy of names that we will soon meet in Thongs of Virtue.

In DeathSpank’s next adventure, be prepared to hold your sword and your sense of humor as you meet and greet these zany characters.  Here is a list of a few names that you’ll be encountering:

Not listed is another character, a nun, by the name of “Mother Mary Josephine Teresa, Henrietta Maria Catalina Alexandra, Melina Georgina Patricia Lolita, Armada Ramada Piranha Gonorrhea, Margarita Senorita Ballerina, Bacteria Cafeteria Etcetera Etcetera.” Frankly, I think I’ll just stick to calling her Jane.

DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue is looking to be released this September 21st on PSN.  Check back with PlayStation LifeStyle to check out our review of Hothead’s next adventure title around that time frame.