Call of Duty Points Details Revealed

The more details that are released about the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops the better this game is looking. The latest news to hit the battlefield are the newest feature: Call of Duty points.

CoD Points act as an in game currency for users to spend on weapons as and such for use in online matches. So essentially you will still unlock things as you level up, but to gain access to the unlocked weapon, armor, equipment you must purchase it with your CoD Points that have been earned. Once level 4 is achieved online all Perks are unlocked, but they must be purchased with those points. Level 10 is the point at which all the Killstreaks become available for purchase.

So the real question is how do you earn these points? Well that is simple, play the game. Online matches will get you points, as well as Contracts and Wager Matches. Contracts are just that, tasks that must be completed. Some are harder than others, and by purchasing the contract, with your CoD Points, you now attempt to complete the tasks laid out within the contract. If you complete it then you will gain more money back than originally paid, but if you fail you gain nothing back and this includes the money you paid originally for the contract. Wager matches are matches where people put points up in the match, and the top 3 players are considered “in the money” and they get paid, everyone else gets nothing.

Given these new CoD Points how many of you feel this will be a huge addition to the game, and what else would you like to see implemented in the title?