Fall to Pieces Over the Tumble Trophy List

Of all the PlayStation Move games we have played here at PlayStation LifeStyle, Tumble seems to rise above the rest. While it was the last game Anthony, Editor-in-Chief here at PSLS, gave impressions for during his recent PlayStation Move Demo feature, it impressed him more than any other than on the disc. Yep… a puzzle game about stacking blocks. How about that? And believe me, Anthony knows his stuff, so why not check out the Trophy List for Tumble before it releases later this week.

As with most major PSN releases, Tumble features a total of 13 trophies to acquire.

Lightning Fast: Build a 2m tower within 35 seconds.

Getting Taller: Build a 1m tower.

Gold Dust: Earn 5 Gold Medals.

Construction Complete: Earn at least one medal on every level.

Tucked in Tight: Fit 25 blocks on a platform in a Use Em All Challenge.

Having a Giraffe: Total Build Height of 5m.

Giant Red Wood: Total Build Height of 100m.

Victory is Yours: Play a Multiplayer Tournament.

Working Together: Build a 2m tower in Multiplayer Mode.

All The Glitters: Earn 50 Gold Medals.

Master Blaster: Score 3000 points on a Limpet Mine challenge.

Out of the Park: Blow a brick out of the arena in a Limpet Mine Challenge.

Reach for the Stars: Total Build Height of 500m.

Look for Tumble to hit the PSN THIS week just in time for the PlayStation Move’s release! $9.99 will net you 50 different challenges to overcome, all from the same guys who developed Start the Party, SuperMassive Games.