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Team ICO HD Remakes Outed Early by Famitsu

Though Sony’s Tokyo Game Show press conference isn’t until tomorrow, we’ve already had what is essentially a confirmation that HD remakes of Team ICO’s PS2 masterpieces will be arriving on the PS3.

In the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, it’s been revealed that ICO and Shadow of the Colossus will be re-released in HD on the PlayStation 3. Though, unlike other PlayStation 2 games, these aren’t planned to be released as a collection, rather individually. Although, these plans are for Japan only, so SCEA and SCEE territories may see a release of an HD collection as today’s possible boxart has suggested.

The games are pegged to land on the PlayStation 3 during the summer of 2011. We’ll provide the official announcement once it happens, and will be sure to update you on SCEA and SCEE’s plans for these famed titles.