From Software Goes Dark in the PS3’s Dungeon [Update]

Tokyo Game Show keeps rolling out the big announcements. From Software is a company that has delivered on some very popular games in the last couple of years. Well today, From Software announced their next project during the Sony press conference.

From Software is working on a dark fantasy game that is going by the name Project Dark. Hidetaka Miyazaki from From Software claimed that this game will be for fans of Demon’s Souls. The footage they showed featured undead soldiers, so it should appeal to those who liked the atmosphere of Demon’s Souls. The game will release sometime in 2011 in Japan and it will be PS3 exclusive.

[UPDATE] The english version of  the official Project Dark website has the Xbox 360 logo listed on the bottom of the page alongside the PS3 logo. It also says the game will release on PS3 and Xbox 360.