Ni-Oh Still Alive, PS3 Exclusivity Remains a Question

Ni-Oh: a PS3 exclusive announced before the PlayStation 3 was even on the market. Today, during their conference, Team Ninja confirmed the samurai action title is still in development.

Team Ninja announced during their behind-closed-doors meeting they were working on the game with developer Kau Shibusawa. Ni-Oh is categorized as an samurai action game which had been first shown off a few years back for the first time with a teaser trailer. Team Ninja, however, put the game’s exclusivity in question when not mentioning if it is still a PlayStation 3 exclusive or not. No release date was provided. Check out the teaser trailer mentioned below.

Judging by the game’s teaser trailer, I’m not sure if we should be saying Ni-Oh or Uh-Oh.