PS3 Outselling 360 4-to-1 in Japan

Yesterday’s conference held by Sony on the opening day of TGS had many statistics and numbers thrown our way. One thing that may have flown past many people in that flurry of info is just how obviously the Japanese prefer consoles made in Japan, and we’ve got the raw numbers for you after the break.

Famitsu‘s publisher, Enterbrain, recently publicized every current-gen console’s lifetime sales in Japan. While the DS is King, with over 30 million units sold so far, the PSP is in second, tipping the scales at just over 15 million units purchased. The Wii has almost double the sales of the PS3 with over 10 million consoles sold, and the PS3 has over four times the sales of the Xbox 360. This is especially bad news for the 360, considering it had an 11-month head start over both the PS3 and Wii. Below are the actual numbers, sorted from most to least:

DS: 31,039,215

PSP: 15,009,120

Wii 10,655,962

PS3: 5,501,923

360: 1,354,685

Looks like the PS3 has some work to do if its sales are going to catch the Wii, and time will tell how much of a push the Move and the upcoming holiday season will help the console sell. Stay connected with PlayStation LifeStyle for all the information you can handle straight from TGS.