Sony Bringing Unmodified Japanese Imports to PlayStation Store

Those of you out there who love all things Japan, but find it difficult to get your hands on titles sold exclusively in the land of the rising sun, will be happy to know that those previously tough-to-get titles will soon be coming to a PS3 near you.

Sony has just announced that they will be unveiling a new ‘imports’ section for the PlayStation Store, come this Tuesday, September 21st. This new section of the store will feature import games from Japan, and potentially other regions, in their “pure”, unchanged format, which means straight-up Japanese voice overs, text, and gameplay.

The first two titles to make their debut in this section of the store will be Cho Aniki and Gaia Seed (both PSOne classics developed by MonkeyPaw Games), amongst other “easy to navigate” Japanese titles, and will run gamers a mere $5.99 each. It can really be a difficult task to find a good import games store, but now all we have to do is flip a switch and hit some buttons; who would’ve seen this coming?