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New NeverDead Screens Are Worth A Thousand Screams

NeverDead is a new upcoming game from Rebellion Developments with some unique elements to it. You play as an immortal human demon hunter, and cannot die. Just as unique as the concept is the art design. Some new screens and assets related to the game have recently been let loose, and you can sample the bizarre creations after the jump.

"Stop Shooting Yourself!"

The screenshot above taken from a pack recently released at the Tokyo Game Show showcases one element of the title’s gameplay: enemies can dismember people, including you, and use your own weapons against you. The trick then becomes defeating that enemy without the use of one or more of your limbs to get them back. Enjoy the screens below, and stay connected with PlayStation LifeStyle for more on this game as information is released.

NeverDead currently does not have an official release date.