Naughty Dog’s Next Project is “too far along” for Move

With a lot of first party developers jumping on the Move bandwagon as of late, people have been interested to see whether Sony’s blockbuster producing powerhouse Naughty Dog would also be joining the ranks.

Speaking with Game Informer,  Naughty Dog co-presidents Evan Wells and Christopher Balestra noted that if they wanted to include Move functionality, they would design the game from the ground up and that they’re next project is too far along for this.

“Maybe in the future. Right now, it’s kind of difficult because we’re so focused on the next thing. It would be too late for us to start thinking about that. Move certainly has potential,”

“I think if we were going to tackle a game that supported Move, we would want to do it from the ground up. We’re too far along into what we’re working on next to really do it justice,”

We’ll keep you posted with more information on Uncharted 3 Naughty Dog’s next as soon as it breaks.