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Heavy Rain Move Patch Now Available

Those of you who just picked up the PlayStation Move this past week, might have already had a couple of PlayStation Move compatible titles in your collection just waiting for a patch to enable support for the new motion controller. One of those titles, Heavy Rain, has now officially received its patch and is ready to Move.

This Move patch is rather a “Heavy” one, weighing in at a colossal 1142MB. At the moment, the patch only seems to be available for folks in Europe, but we expect the patch to be available for everyone at some point today.

Some reports coming in are stating that not only does this version 2.0 update enable Move support, but it also adds a new main menu and changes the title of the game to Heavy Rain: Move Edition.

It’s been said that the separate retail Heavy Rain Move Edition features 45 minutes of additional content not found in the original game. However, there’s no word if this additional content has been included in the patch.

If you come across additional content, or experience anything new in your copy of Heavy Rain, let us know in the comments.