PS3 Outsells Wii in Japanese Yearly Sales

When gamers think of Japanese gaming, Sony and Nintendo both come to mind. Considering that Japan is the country of origin for the two platform holders, it would almost be a given if it weren’t for the struggling sales of Microsoft that make their platform a smaller influence in comparison.

However, for the first time since the releases of the PlayStation 3 and its competition, the true HD console has come out on top in yearly sales. This news came straight from the Media Create weekly sales figures revealing the sales of the PS3 and Wii over the past year for the Japanese region. The PS3 came out on top with a total sales amount of 1,017,094 which left the Wii in second place with a close 1,015,513 sales.

Although the lead is not by much, considering the costs of the PS3 in comparison to Nintendo’s competing console, it is clear that, if the consumers are willing to pay the premium in favor of the PS3, than the PlayStation 3 has the strength to succeed from here on out.