European Assassins to Join the BrotherHood Beta A Week Early

If you missed the good news, there is now another way to join the Assassin’s Creed: BrotherHood beta. Ubisoft and Gamestop originally revealed that the ‘only’ way you could gain entrance to the PS3-exclusive beta was by reserving the game at your local Gamestop. Well, Sony broke news earlier this week that a select number of PlayStation Plus members will receive an invite, with the keyword being ‘select’. Fantastic news for our European brothers…not only do you get a week-start on everyone else, but every EU PS Plus member has a chance to take the Templars or destroy the Assassin scum!!

The Official European PlayStation Blog broke the news that should make ALL EU PS Plus members happy, as there has quite a bit of controversy over the ‘limited’ beta selection the PS Plus program has promised to offer. So if you’re a EU PlayStation Plus member…guess what? You’re automatically a part of the beta and get this…you get to join a WEEK earlier than the rest of the world! Look for the beta to download on September 27th, with details regarding the beta to be revealed before then.

First our Euro PS Plus pals receive the Castlevania: Lord of Shadows demo a week early and now this?? I think it’s time for a change of scenery!