Another UK Retailer Lists Prince of Persia Trilogy HD in 3D

How this game hasn’t been officially announced yet is beyond us! Having already been outed by two other retailers (here and… let me find it, here), are the latest to put up a listing for this still unannounced HD collection.

This surprise listing however also comes with a little bit more information. The game will apparently be rendered in glorious new 3D and the full name will be “Prince of Persia Trilogy HD (3D)”… yeah, that just glides off the tongue.  Also on the page is a release date of the 26th of November, which seems awfully soon given that the game is still unannounced.

We’re expecting an imminent announcement for this compilation, and we’ll let you know as soon as Ubisoft decide to let the extremely noisy cat out of the curiously  transparent bag.