Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Wages War with Gran Turismo 5

The Need for Speed series has reigned as king of the arcade racer for over a decade on a handful of platforms. The sheer speed and exhilaration of racing the roads of great America while being chased by supercharged police cars was fully realized in the original Hot Pursuit. Now its next-generation brother is looking to race head-to-head with none other than Polyphony Digital’s powerhouse Gran Turismo 5.

When speaking to CVG, Need for Speed senior producer Matt Webster had the following to say regarding the upcoming Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit:

“If I was a competitor I’d be f***ing worried. This is the biggest driving game.”

Matt then gracefully added:

“I don’t know about you, I’m kind of done driving around tracks…”

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit was impressive when it was announced earlier in the year at E3. However, waging a war against a game with a five-year development cycle such as Gran Turismo 5 isn’t a great way to survive. The victor of the battle will be well-known soon, as Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit launches only a few short weeks after Gran Turismo 5 on November 16th, 2010.