EA Believes PS3 Will Catch Up With Xbox 360 Sales

The Xbox 360 was launched one year before the PlayStation 3, enabling the Microsoft console to gain a strong foothold in the gaming market.  Naturally, when the PS3 was launched it had a lot of catching up to do with Microsoft’s head start in the race to console dominance.  Europe’s mega publisher, Electronic Arts, believes that PS3 can do just that.

Vice president of Europe’s EA, Jens Uwe, thinks that the Sony’s console will catch up with the sales of the Xbox 360, thanks to the popularity of the console within Europe.

“We could certainly see Sony come back – in the UK it’s still a head-to-head competition between PlayStation and Xbox, but on the continent Sony is traditionally stronger than Microsoft.”

Uwe goes further to say that they enjoy the benefits of the competition between the two console giants.

“But we’re very happy to watch the competition, because as long as they’re competing to get more consumers in, there are more people we can sell games to.”

It seems his comment may be directed to just European sales and not world-wide.  However, any increase in sales anywhere will definitely help boost Sony’s chance of evening the playing field with Microsoft.  With the launch of PlayStation Move, perhaps this may help raise the numbers.  Only time will tell.