Borderlands Joins Greatest Hits Lineup

2K Game’s apocalyptic shooter, Borderlands, has joined the ranks of the Greatest Hits lineup for the PS3. Since one of the key pieces of this title revolves around the idea of hoarding treasure, thrill seekers can now uncover this gem for a mere $30.

Borderlands made a pretty big splash in the FPS and RPG genres, providing a somewhat fresh take on combining the game types. One of the best experiences of the game lay within the 4 player co-operative modes, which allowed seamless drop-in, drop-out gameplay as you explored the dangerous, yet treasure-laden world of Pandora..

If you’d like to fully round out your experience of Borderlands, you can also wait a few more weeks till October 12 to snag the Game of the Year Edition ($60), which will come packed with four of the latest downloadable content.  The last of the four DLC, Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution, will be out on September 28th, and can be obtained via the PlayStation Store for those of you needing the last piece to complete your collection.

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