Call of Duty: Black Ops Security Camera Shows Zombie Infestation

When Treyarch released Call of Duty: World at War in 2008 gamers found much of their enjoyment in the zombie mode that allowed for co-op. This mode allowed for countless hours of enjoyment for owners of the title. Essentially gamers would work together online or offline to fend off wave after wave of flesh eating zombies. Various weapons were included, and many could be unlocked at random from within the level itself. As the players progressed through the waves it became more and more difficult. Considering the success behind the mode, many gamers assumed that it would automatically be included. There has been rumors and a site title, which is a viral marketing site for the upcoming Black Ops title, has shown som e footage that may offer some interesting clarification on the mode that has yet to be officially “confirmed”.

If the picture above is to show any truth then zombies are definitely inbound for the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops. The question is how will it be implemented compared to World at War, and what changes will be made? What all would you like to see in the upcoming title?