Two Worlds II North American Release Delayed… Again

For those who may have been anticipating the release of the medieval-inspired Two Worlds II, which had already been delayed into October, it appears that if you live in North America, you’ll have to wait just a bit longer.

Southpeak Games have just announced that their latest title, Two Worlds II, will be hitting North America a little later than previously anticipated. The game is now scheduled for a January 2011 release in North America, but will maintain its original October release date in Europe.

Two Worlds II is set for a January release in North America. We understand that this is not great news for those of you eager for an October release and we can understand that you might feel that our European cousins’ potentially getting the game before you is frustrating to say the least. However, there’s a reason for everything and although we feel that the game is truly at ‘AAA’ level, that reason is that we want Two Worlds II to be absolutely flawless when it launches in the North American market.

We’ll have a further update for our friends in the UK, Australia and New Zealand in the near future.

This is certainly a shame to hear. However, regardless of the fact that this may or may not be due to extra polishing, this holiday season, particularly around Two Worlds II’s original release date, will be packed with ‘AAA’ titles and could have made it difficult for the game to do well. Oh well kiddies, if you plan to snag this game, be sure to save your Christmas money for January!