New DLC for Mafia II An Offer You Can’t Refuse

There is no doubt that Mafia II offers one of the best storylines in an open world game in quite some time, yet 2K Games is already expanding on the game with some new DLC that is set to release very soon.

For the price of $2.99 each on the PlayStation Store players can purchase the previous pre-order goodies, had they not pre-ordered Mafia II. The details are below:

  • Vegas Pack: Get a taste of old school Vegas in this new downloadable content pack from Mafia II. Bring a taste of Vegas to Empire Bay as you cruise through the town in 2 new cars with smooth handling and timeless lines. Vito shows his Vegas style in 2 new suits.
  • War Hero Pack: The ‘40s wouldn’t be complete without a war hero. Vito plays the role well in the War Hero add-on pack. Drive two military style vehicles and notice the superior handling in all weather conditions. Vito looks sharp in two new military outfits including fatigues and a dress uniform.
  • Renegade Pack: Show off your inner renegade in this new add-on pack. Start with two new cars, one with the slick styling and tight handling of a small sports coupe and the other with the revved up engine of a ‘50s hot rod. Outfit Vito in two new suits including leather and lettermen’s jackets to fit his renegade persona.
  • Greaser Pack: The Mafia II Greaser downloadable pack is all about speed. These two new hot-rod speedsters will win you pink slips every time. Pair that with two new suits for Vito, one with leather jacket and heavy boots, the other a leather racing suit, and get ready to start your engines

These packs, along with the already announced Joe’s Adventure DLC, which will actually feature additions to the story, will be released via PSN.