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Anonymous Dev Hints at PSP2 News in ‘6 Months’

Details on the Nintendo 3DS were revealed two nights ago at a Nintendo press event in Japan. The new 3D, dual-screened handheld will be landing in America and Europe come March, which leaves little time for Sony to introduce a new portable. However, if one anonymous developer is to be believed, we may hear news about the PSP2 just in time.

According to anonymous developer speaking with SPOnG, we could see news about the PSP2 by the end of March.

The developer, wouldn’t budge when asked if they did indeed have a PSP2 in their possession:

“I won’t say a thing mate. Absolutely nothing.”

Though, despite being adamant about keeping their lips sealed, the developer alluded to when they will be able to speak more on the subject:

“I can’t tell you. I’ll be able to tell you why I can’t tell you in six months though.”

Talk like that seems to stem from the dev signing a non-disclosure agreement, that’s set to expire when info about the device goes public. 6 months from now would be the tail end of March or early April, which would be prime time to steal some of the thunder of Nintendo’s launch of the 3DS.

The handheld gaming market is a lucrative one, and it’s highly likely Sony wouldn’t let Nintendo get too much of a head start with a new system, especially one that’s creating such a buzz.