PlayStation Move Sales Looking Strong, Retailers Having Issues Meeting Demand

The PlayStation Move debuted a little less than two weeks ago. Sony themselves said that they didn’t expect huge sales initially, but that over time the product would pick up speed and start to take command of the motion controller market.

To some gamers’ surprise, PlayStation Move is a hit, and selling out not only at online, but across several brick-and-mortar retail chains around the country as well. Stores such as GameStop and Best Buy are experiencing significant shortages, while the bulk of available controllers are apparently in-stock at places like Toys R Us and K-Mart. We went ahead and checked several stores in our area as well, to find that this is, in fact, true. Most of the GameStops and EB Games had a limited supply, with some stores here and there showing slightly more, this varies of course. This is something that not Sony could have predicted, so it’s not only a win for gamers, but a win for the developers as well.

Can the PlayStation Move maintain this momentum going into the holiday season? More importantly, will this be enough to counteract Microsoft’s Kinect? Only time will tell. But if quality is anything to go by, and we definitely think it is, Sony shouldn’t have a problem. For all the latest PlayStation Move news and info, be sure to stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle.