Blu-ray Present in 1 Out of Every 5 Households, Thanks in Part to PS3

October 2, 2010Written by Kishen Patel

Ever since Blu-ray Disc won the format war over HD-DVD, the disc-based format’s adoption rate was the highest of any previous format, including VHS, CD, and DVD. However, the format was not entirely recognized as a household item. Despite the PlayStation 3 platform bringing the format to the mainstream public, the video game console has proved to provide the gift of Blu-ray to a large portion of the US market.

According to the Home Media Magazine, Blu-ray has made its present in 17% of US households; roughly nearing a one-in-every-five households ratio. While this figure is still a far ways off from the penetration of DVD, which is at 95%, Blu-ray has successfully succeeded the popularity of Netflx and oddly enough Apple computers, which stand at 15% and 12% respectively.

Also worth noting is that the number of Blu-ray players present in homes has double in size since year 2008. Back then, PS3 consoles outsold dedicated Blu-ray players two-to-one whereas today, the PS3 accounts for 47% of all Blu-ray devices. This is most likely due to the fact that the PlayStation 3 no longer remains the cheapest solution for Blu-ray but it is still undoubtedly the most economical and future-proof solution given all the features it sports, including firmware upgradability making it the first 3D enabled Blu-ray player.