Hunting Season Opens With Red Dead’s Free DLC

October 6, 2010Written by Ray Conley

Part of what makes Red Dead: Redemption great is the ability to expand your playtime through the use of downloadable content. What makes it even better is when the DLC can be had for free. On that note, prepare yourself for some more greatness.

Rockstar has announced a small addition that will allow players to add a few perks to their Wild West. Next week, October 12th, they will be releasing “Hunting and Trading Outfits Pack” that can be downloaded for free. The only price you need to pay is your time spent to hone your skills and complete specific challenges in Red Dead to unlock two outfits. Here are the shiny new clothes that will be at your disposal:

  • The Savvy Merchant outfit – Donning this suit will help you warm up to any weapons merchant and get your weapons and ammo and half the going price.  This is great for you penny-pinchers.
  • The Expert Hunter outfit – This should cut back on your hunting time to collect skins and hides, as you will now be able to harvest them at double the rate.

With the patch will also come a new animal for you to hunt – the elusive Jackalope.

You will also receive an update to allow you to view other players who have added the Liars and Cheats or Legends and Killers DLC. You’ll be able to see them strutting around in their character skins from that pack, maybe even tempting you to consider making a purchase to add that to your gaming experience. Either way, happy hunting!