Kratos’ Brother Revealed in the Latest Ghost of Sparta Trailer

With less than a month to go before the release of God of War: Ghost of Sparta, huge news has been revealed. Looks like Kratos isn’t the only Spartan ghost in ancient Greece.

The God of War franchise has begun and has ended. We know Kratos’ beginning as a Spartan general and his end when he finally takes down the gods of Mount Olympus. What could possibly be left to tell in such a grand story? It turns out, quite a bit. Kratos’ brother Deimos will play a major role in the upcoming PSP title. Another source of the endless nightmares that haunt him, Kratos must take down one of the strongest enemies he has ever known – his own blood.

But that’s not all. Specially marked boxes of God of War: Ghost of Sparta will actually contain a voucher code to download the Deimos character skin in…wait for it…God of War III. Relive the story from a new direction as Deimos receives 4x multipliers on Health, Magic, and God orbs, making him the fiercest Spartan yet. This deal is extremely limited though. It is separate from the Ultimate Pre-Order pack, and is most likely available only on the first few shipments of the game. The Ghost of Sparta PSP Entertainment pack will include the Deimos code, and PSP Go owners who buy the game within one week of the title’s launch will also have access to the PS3 skin.

Experience the full story of God of War: Ghost of Sparta this November 2nd – if you aren’t too busy with Gran Turismo 5 that is.