You Won’t Face the Dead Nation Alone, Online or Offline

October 7, 2010Written by Corey Schwanz

Housemarque Games’ latest upcoming PSN title Dead Nation is standing up to be one of the greatest PSN titles to date, even though information has been sparse. Big news today though, as the greatest internet feature of our time will be available.

No, not cross-game chat. Online co-op play. At first, online co-op was not going to be available at launch. It would have been too much work for the developers to bring in the networking issue for the limited time and money that was part of the budget. But after “working 12 hour days to working 16 hour days as well as weekends,” the feature will be available for launch. The new mode will play exactly like offline co-op. If you have a Bluetooth headset (and why wouldn’t you?) it should be exactly like playing with someone at your side.

With the addition of the online mode, a lot more people will most likely be playing co-op. Because of that, the designers and artists felt that it was only appropriate to make larger and grander levels for having two people, the programmers created a new weapons, as well as a new upgrade system. Looks like more and more of the Super Stardust HD elements are slipping through the crack no? The controls should be the same, so anyone who has played that PSN gem should have no problem fitting right in with this game.

Along with all this new mode, three new types of special zombies have been revealed. Plan your strategy of attack in this new Know Your Enemy trailer. How will you take down the Mouth, the Jumper, or the Bombie?

Tons of replay value for your buck! Still no word on the release date though. Looks like Dead Nation won’t be leaving the Coming Soon section of the PlayStation Store Preview any time soon.