THQ Working on A Big Budget Move/Kinect Title

October 9, 2010Written by Paulmichael Contreras

The PlayStation Move has been out for a few weeks now, to surprising success in Sony’s eyes. THQ is banking on this new motion controller revolution taking place in console gaming, having invested a lot of money in an upcoming title for all three platforms.

In speaking with VG247, core EVP at THQ Danny Bilson stated that the company “is doing a really expensive game for Move and Kinect right now.” What’s more, this unannounced title is due out this coming March. Their justification in investing a lot more money into the project was also elaborated upon:

“…we got to the point in development, and we decided ‘You know what? We gotta make this the best in the class of what it is.'”

The title will be formally announced “really soon,” and will be available for the PlayStation Move, Kinect, and Wii. Stay connected to PlayStation LifeStyle for more on this development as it unfolds.